Well here is our first Howrse update… Hope you like it.

Game News

The Piñatas! – 4th June 2012
Please welcome the Piñatas on Howrse! You have until the 20th of June to open all twenty Piñatas a get plenty of cool gifts!

Until the 20th of June at noon game time, you can open your Piñatas on Howrse!

The aim of the game is to smash open all of the twenty Piñatas to gather the gifts they contain by clicking on them.

How can you smash a Piñata?
You can click on the Piñata
Your friends can click on your Piñata
By completing the objectives each Piñata offers to gather extra points and/or bonuses

Each Piñata can offer you between 1 and 3 objectives to complete to earn bonuses.
The bonuses help you gather valuable rewards that make opening the Piñatas easier.

For instance :
*Allowing you to click on a Piñata more often
*Giving you more clicks
*Getting more help from friends

You aren’t required to complete all the objectives for a Piñata to open it and attack the next one.

However the bonuses earned when completing the objectives can really make the task easier.

For more details about this contest we strongly recommend to take a look at the Contest Page.

And also at the Piñata topic available in the Event forum containing some in depth explanations.

We hope you’ll enjoy opening your Piñatas!
The Howrse Team
The Piñata Contest Page!



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  1. Hi!

    Just wondering, as my friend and me want to exchange clicks on piñata’s, how do you click on somebody else’s piñata-I havn’t figured out how to do it yet!!!


  2. im in the same boat as you im wondering too

  3. Please look at Howrse Pinata…

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